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European Medieval Law Collection

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European Medieval Law Collection
The code of Roman Law, which was edited by Justinianus'
command in the 6th century and was later called Corpus
Juris Civilis, was sophisticated through the study of
its interpretation after the medieval ages. The
collection consists of the origin, standard annotation,
article-by-article interpretation, examples applied to
cases and reports of reason for judgment of the Roman
law and church law. Most of the collection are the
complete works (everything is original) written by
first-rate scholars later than the 13th century and
published mainly in the 16th century after a printing
technique was invented. Some of them are annotations
written in the 12th and 13th centuries, and others, in
the 14th and 15th centuries. They were studied and
taught at universities from the medieval period to the
modern period and were applied to trials or advice
activities as the standard for solutions to real
troubles. The collection has 76 items including
literature which is indispensable for studying of
European history and law: Corpus Juris Civilis with
standard annotation (Fradan edition, 1517-18),
Corpus of Church Law (1622), annotations by Bartolo,
of Sassoferrato (1313-1357) or by Ubaldi, Baldo
degli (1327?-1400) or others, and decisions, etc.
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