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JODC Data Online Service System(J-DOSS)

日本海洋データセンター 海洋データ オンライン提供サービス ( J-DOSS)
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Resource classification: Data,Database
Research area  (1): Others
For people who wish to make use of oceanographic data and
information, the Japan Oceanographic Data Center (JODC)
is operating the JODC Data Online Service System (J-DOSS)
which is searchable and retrievable the data and
information from JODC's data base through the Internet.
Items provided in the service
-Serial Station Data
-CTD(Conductivity-Temperature-Depth Profiler) Data
-BT(Bathythermograph) Data
-Statistics of Temperature in 1 Degree Mesh
-Statistics of Salinity in 1 Degree Mesh
-Ocean Surface Current Data
-Shipboard ADCP(Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler)Data
-Statistics of Ocean Current in 1 Degree Mesh
-Sea Level Data
-NOP(National Oceanographic Programme)
-CSR(Cruise Summary Report)
-Information on Instruments Fixed on Seabed
-IOC Document
-Ocean Abbreviation Dictionary
-Marine Biological Data
-500m Mesh Bathymetric Data (J-EGG500)
-Data on the Coastal Marine Weather(Japanese only)
-Water Temperature Data at the fixed station
(Japanese only)
User procedures and method:

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