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データベース フリードリッヒ・フレーベル

データベース フリードリッヒ・フレーベル
Owning Organization:
Contact: SHOJI Yasuhiro
Resource classification: Bibliographic databse (Full text)
Collecting three kinds of library documents (German
books, Japanese books, and posthumous writings) about
educational game equipment written by Friedrich Frobel,
who is known as the founder of kindergarten, and making
a database of those books. See the first edition of Die
Menschenerziehung published in 1826 which is included
in the data list of German books.
User environment and conditions:
Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 3.0 or higher, Netscape
User procedures and method:
Preferably for students who research Frobel or will
research Frobel

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