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Original collection of late modern travesties

近世後期戯作類コレクション オリジナル
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Resource classification: Others
Research area  (1): Japanese literature
This collection consists of 274 volumes in 196
section in six fields, that is, 1) Share Bon
(joke books), 2) Kokkei Bon (comic books),
3) Hanashi Bon, 4) Chubon Dokuhon, 5) Hanshibon
Gokan, and 6) Kyosi (rhapsodies) covering major
rate modern travesties. Most of the Share Bon are
important books until Kansei Period, and among
Kokkei Bon there are rare books of Chaban (farce)
or Mitatee. Series of Hizakurige are also valuable.
As for Chubon Dokuhon, Shinrotei's works are well
collected. About 80 percent of Kyoshi Bon
(rhapsodies) were collected, which are the most
complete collection.
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