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Open Laboratories

Contact: OONO Hitoshi
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Test and research facility
The facility is used primarily for researches and tests on
request. Employees of small and medium-sized companies can
use some of equipments at Open Laboratory.
User environment and conditions:
Only those who can manage equipments are allowed to use the equipments at the Laboratory.
User procedures and method:
Application form must be submitted to appropriate
divisions of the Institute to use equipments. The
charge for equipment use is based on the outline of
equipment usage of Open Laboratories, Test and Research
Institutes of Gifu.
Main facilities for experiments and researches
(division(s) or branch(es) in charge)
(1) New Materials Open Laboratories (Technology Support
EPMA, NMR, etc.
(2) Joint Laboratory for Development and Support of
Composite Materials (Technology Support Division)
Thermal analysis measuring device, ESCA, X-ray analysis
device, GPC, etc.
(3) Rheology Laboratory (Technology Support Division)
Kneading property measuring device, dynamic viscoelasticity
measuring device, and Tabor's abrasion resistance test
(4) Physical Property Open Laboratory (Mino Branch)
Surface measuring facility, oil absorption test facility,
high-pressure burst test facility, tensile strength test
facility, and smoothness test facility
(5) Food Processing Research Center (the same Center)
High-puity measuring device, organic-acid analysis device,
centrifugal machine, manufacturing system of powdered
vegetables, retort food sterilization device, etc.
(6) Multimedia Studio (Technology Support Division,
Mino Branch, and Seki Branch)
Computer system and color printer
(7) Center for Development of Test Fabrication (Seki Branch)
Three-dimensional digitizer system, photolithography system,
CAD/CAM system, production system for mold tools,
surface-structure analysis microscope, etc.
Oyabu, Technology Support Division; Honda, Mino Branch;
Ishigure, Seki Branch; Kariya, Food Processing Research Center

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