J-GLOBAL ID:201110064014596673   Research Resource code:5000000099 Update date:Nov. 18, 2004

Experimental data (Animal Husbandry Experiment Station)

Owning Organization:
Contact: Person in charge of information collection: MUTO Kenji
Resource classification: Bio resource (DNA, Cell culture, Protein, Bacteria, Virus, etc)
Fukushima Prefectural Animal Husbandry Experiment
Station includes Research Planning and
Coordination Division, Dairy Research Division,
Cattle and Swine Breeding Research Division,
Grassland and Feed Research Division, and Numajiri
Branch, and mainly performs study on fertilized
egg transplantation technique for cow and breeding
method of milk cow before and after delivery,
establishment of environment preservation type
animal husbandry technique, faculty examination
of beef cattle, production of excellent line
swine "Fukushima L", maintenance of this swine,
recommendation of appropriate varieties for feed
crops, promotion and study on systematization of
basic regional agricultural technique, study on
short-term fattening technique for beef cattle,
breeding and management of groups of cows being
grazed by effectively utilizing large scale pasture.
User environment and conditions:
Experimental data are available at Library.
User procedures and method:
Ask for annual report etc., if necessary.

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