J-GLOBAL ID:201110064731529409   Research Resource code:5000002624 Update date:Jan. 20, 2006


Owning Organization:
Contact: KITAMURA Toshihiro
Resource classification: Others
1. Atomic Force/Magnetic Force Microscope. Main
Objectives. To observe the surface and magnetic
structure of materials in high-resolution condition.
(1) Size of samples 100phi×10mm, (2) Sample Materials
Metal, Semi Conductor, Organic Materials and so no. 2.
Spectroscope. Main Objectives. To measure the
reflectance and transmissivity of the materials. 3.
High Performance Liquid Chromatography. Major
Objectives. Separation of Materials. 4. Laser
Vibrometer. Major Objectives. To measure the fine
surface shape of materials by laser. 5. Scanning
Electron Microscope. Major Objectives. To observe
surface structure of materials in high resolution
User environment and conditions:
Not to disturb the research activities.
User procedures and method:
Procedure for Utilization. The person in charge will
provide the detail utilization procedure. Fee. Fee is
decided by mutual discussion. Qualification of
utilization. The Approval of President of the Center
is required.

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