J-GLOBAL ID:201110065104169029   Research Resource code:5000001229 Update date:Jun. 26, 2007

Digital Map 25000(Geographical Name & Public Facilities)

Owning Organization:
Contact: 地名情報係
Resource classification: Data,Database
Research area  (2): Geography ,  Human geography
Data of geographic names and community facilities supplemented with attributes such as names of habitation areas and geographical place names written in topographic maps drawn to a scale of 1/25,000, locations of community facilities, and longitudes and latitudes of representative points
Research field : 数値地図25000(地名・公共施設)
User environment and conditions:
A personal computer with a CD-ROM drive for data reading
When using a displaying software for data confirmation;
OS: Windows 95, 98, NT, RAM: 32MB or more, display resolution: 800 x 600 dots, free hard disk space: 70 MB or more
CD-ROMs of numerical map 2500 (geographic names, community facilities) were sold at Japan Map Center.
User procedures and method:

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