J-GLOBAL ID:201110065354123610   Research Resource code:1000001100 Update date:Dec. 03, 2004

Kishuhan collection

Owning Organization:
Contact: Information Service Section
Resource classification: Historical Materials, Ancient Manuscripts, etc.
Research area  (1): Others
Ancient documents that were stocked by Domain Schools (Gakushukan, Heigakusho,
Kii Kokugakujo, Meikyokan, and Edo Kokugakujo) of Kishu Tokugawa Clan,
and that mainly comprise books bound in Japanese style stocked by Kishu Clan
User procedures and method:
"If you are not a full-time instructor or professor emeritus of University,
you are required to get permission from Library Director in advance.
For more details, please contact a person in charge."

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