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Heihanki Data Base

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Contact: 管理部 総務課 情報管理係
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Research area  (1): History of Japan
The Heihan-ki (also called Jinsha-ki) is a diary
written by Tairano Nobunori (1112 - 1187). Most
original copies (both autographs and codices)
currently existing are separately stored at Yomei
Bunko and Kyoto University.
This database was developed based on the enlarged and
compiled edition Heihan-ki (Vol. 1-Vol. 5, Version
No. 6, Rinsen Book Co., 1992) by collating and
enlarging with pictures and images such as Yomei
Bunko version Jinsha-ki (Vol. 1-Vol. 4, Shibunkaku
Co., Ltd) with descriptions at the end of these
vol. 1-vol. 4 (written by Masataka Uwayokote), Kyoto
University Library version Heihan-ki (Vol. 1-Vol. 3,
Shibunkaku Co., Ltd), and important cultural property
version Heihan-ki (stored in Image Databases of Kyoto
University Digital Library, Kyoto University Library).
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