J-GLOBAL ID:201110066105246210   Research Resource code:0000000415 Update date:Feb. 20, 2009

Information of Requested Tests

Owning Organization:
Contact: FUKUCHI Yuusuke
Resource classification: Service, Program, System, etc
Research area  (9): Organic chemistry ,  Inorganic chemistry ,  Analytical chemistry ,  Polymer chemistry ,  Functional material chemistry ,  Environmental chemistry ,  Functional materials/device ,  Organic industrial material ,  Inorganic industrial material
Data base of the following items about the main
measurements and examinations commissioned by
enterprises and conducted in the Center
Items: name of a commissioned examination,
apparatus used, content of the examination,
charge rate, points to be noticed, etc.
Collected data: 335 sets
Renewal: planned to do once every year
User environment and conditions:
Internet environment required
User procedures and method:
Nothing in particular

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