J-GLOBAL ID:201110067921352997   Research Resource code:1000000245 Update date:Jan. 26, 2005

Ultra-precision production system

Owning Organization:
Contact: KAMIYA Osamu
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (1): Design engineering, machine functional elements/tribology
Ultra-precision production system
Main purpose: Establishing most suitable production
system by conducting short-time trial simulations for
design, manufacturing, and evaluation of extremely
precise or highly microscopic machine elements.
(1) Scanning electron microscope
(2) Ultra-precision processing system
(3) Work station
(4) Processing system of optical data
(5) Ultra positioning and length measurement device
Research field : Design Engineering, Machine Elements and Tribology
User environment and conditions:
Only if our research is not affected.
User procedures and method:
Procedure of use: For a detailed information of use,
contact our Center.
Fare for use: 600 yen/hour
Necessary qualification for use: Coworkers of the
Constraints on use: Nothing in partucular.

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