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Sogakudo Concert Hall

Owning Organization:
Resource classification: Practice and Seminar Facilities
Research area  (1): Others
Due to the expansion of forms of musical performance
as well as to the deteriorating condition of our
aging wooden concert hall, which was constructed
during the university's previous status as the
Tokyo Music School, we are currently building a
new concert hall, "SOGAKUDO", seating 1,140, was
opened in 1998.
The design of the new hall places particular emphasis
on facilities, acoustics and function as a site for
musical education and research, as well as being in
complete harmony with the surrounding area.
Furthermore, the harmonious acoustics of the hall are
such that the entire hallacts as one giant musical
instrument. The concert hall is the first in the
worldinwhich the entire ceiling above the audience
seating is movable, enabling the acoustic
characteristics of the hall to be adjusted according
to the music being played or the type of performance.
User environment and conditions:
No hindrance to education or research activities of the University.
User procedures and method:
Inquire at the staff for details.

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