J-GLOBAL ID:201110068062355080   Research Resource code:0000000067 Update date:Nov. 01, 2004

Genetic resources database

Contact: UMEHARA Masamichi
Resource classification: DNA, Protein, etc
Genetic resources database comprises of the data
of the data on plant, microorganisms, and animal
genetic resources stored in the MAFF Gene Bank.
Passport data, character-evalution data and stock
control data contained in the database are utilized
for the management of the Gene Bank, and the same
data sets are accessible through the Gene Bank
homepages of the internet.
User environment and conditions:
Required to be capable to connect to the Internet and to
access by WWW browser.
User procedures and method:
[Procedure for Use]
[Charge for Use]
[Qualification of User]
Connected to the Internet
[Restriction on Use]
Redistribution prohibited
Use except for research prohibited

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