J-GLOBAL ID:201110071121385649   Research Resource code:5000000044 Update date:Dec. 13, 2002

Ramjet Engine Test Facility

Owning Organization:
Contact: MITANI Tohru
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Purpose: Component and Total Performance of Scramjet
Performance: Nozzle Exit Dimension 51cm x 51cm Free Jet
Maximum Reynolds Number 5 x 106
(based on exit dimension)
(i)Mach 8 Flight Condition
Combination of Vitiation and Storage Heating
Nozzle Exit Mach Number 6.7
Altitude 35km
Static Temperature/Pressure 237K/575Pa
Total Temprature/Pressure 2560K/10.3MPa
Air Mass Flowrate 7.92kg/s
Maximum Duration 30 sec.
(ii)Mach 6 Flight Condition
Vitiation or Storage Heating
Nozzle Exit Mach Number 5.3
Simulated Altitude 25km
Static Temperature/Pressure 222K/2.6kPa
Total Temprature/Pressure 1600K/5MPa
Air Mass Flowrate 29kg/s
Maximum Duration 60 sec.
(iii)Mach 4 Flight Condition Storage Heating
Nozzle Exit Mach Number 3.4
Simulated Altitude 20km
Static Temperature/Pressure 217K/5.5kPa
Total Temprature/Pressure 884K/0.87MPa
Air Mass Flowrate 42kg/s
Maximum Duration 60 sec
Force Measuement: Thrust (Max 9kN),
Lift (Max 22kN) and
Piching Moment
Pressure: 230 channels
Temprature: 60 channels
Frequency: 5 channels
500mm Schlieren System, etc,
Built 1993
User environment and conditions:
Test Models
User procedures and method:
-Procedure of Use
Inquire of details to the Planning Office.
-Charge of Use
Depends on the criterion of the trusted research
expenses provided by the Science and Technology
-User's Qualification
-Restriction of Use
For organizations who have nothing to do with the
national administration. only the case, that is
especially considered to be necessary for
improvement of aeronautics and the space sciences,
is admitted to use.

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