J-GLOBAL ID:201110071303000343   Research Resource code:5000002332 Update date:Feb. 10, 2005

The Hirose Collection

Owning Organization:
Contact: Circulation and Reference Division
Resource classification: Valuable Book Collection
The collection of books of Sutezo Hirose, the late
director of the university library. It consists of
1,685 Japanese books including the famous, unique copy,
Hirosebon Manyo-shu (a copy of 1781), 1,137 Chinese books,
835 rare English books, and about 21,000 books in
Western style.
Research field : 国文学,英語・英米文学,西洋古典
User procedures and method:
For details, contact the department in charge through a
university library the user belongs to or a public
library nearby.

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