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Miyake collection

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Contact: KURIYAMA Yoshihisa
Resource classification: Others
Research area  (1): Economic history
Miyake Collection
Miyake Collection was started when Shigemitsu Miyake,
the former president of Tokai Bank (1911-1966), who
considerably contributed to the project of
internationalization of the university, was conferred
a decoration on. It was built up based on the fund,
which was donated for purchasing Western language
books on Japanese economy and business management.
Since then, the collection has accumulated with yearly
budget. Now It has about 5,000 items as of December 1,
2004, including the collection presented by
Hirschmeier Johannes (1921-1983), the former
president of the university. The collection expands to
materials on Economics, Economic System, Politics,
Law, Economic Condition, Enterprise and Management,
Business Management, Finance (Private and public),
Sociology, Social Problems (includes Labor and
Laboring classes) related to Japan. In addition to
academic references, books which can be read easily by
general foreign users are included.
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