J-GLOBAL ID:201110071716491361   Research Resource code:1000000090 Update date:Mar. 22, 2007

Microfilmed Materials of Japanese Literature(Tales or Narratives)

Owning Organization:
Contact: TAKAHASHI Tetsuo
Resource classification: Valuable Book Collection
Research area  (1): History of Japan
Classical Japanese literature recorded on microfilm
Corpus of classical Japanese stories (Seikado Bunko
collection) 318 reels
Classical Japanese literature in codices and old edition
(Daitokyu Kinen Bunko collection) 80 reels
Manuscripts, printed books, similar books, etc. of old
dictionaries (Heian era to Middle Ages) recorded on
Corpus of classical dictionaries (Seikado Bunko)
178 reels
Corpus of Japanese language (Kanji Matsui Collection)
54 reels
User procedures and method:
How to use : Please ask the person responsible for details.
Restrictions on use : Available to external users for
inspection with a reader printer but not for copy

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