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Kagawa Prefectural Industrial Technology Center Research Report

Owning Organization:
Contact: NABESAKA Isao
Resource classification: Bibliographic database (Bibliography, Abstract, Full text)
Research area  (9): Production engineering/processing studies ,  Intelligent mechanics/mechanical system ,  System engineering ,  Measurement engineering ,  Control engineering ,  Metallic physical properties ,  Inorganic material/physical properties ,  Composite materials/physical properties ,  Material processing/treatment
Summary of the past research reports can be
Kagawa Prefectural Industrial Technology
Center: 2000-
Former Kagawa Prefectural Industrial
Engineering Center: 1976-1999
Former Food Research Institute, Kagawa
Prefectural Government: 1989-1999
Former Kagawa Prefectural Fermentation and
Food Experiment Station: 1989-1999
User environment and conditions:
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