J-GLOBAL ID:201110072360999230   Research Resource code:5000002579 Update date:Mar. 26, 2010

Ocean Engineering Laboratory

Owning Organization:
Contact: Yoshito IKEHATA
Resource classification: Research resource, Research sample, Prototype, etc
Research area  (3): Environmental impact assessment/environmental policy ,  Environmental technology/environmental material ,  Water control science
Two-dimensional wave tank with the wind tunnel is length
32m×width 0.6m×height0.93m,and the edge has been equipped
with the inhalation type wind tunnel equipment in electricity
servomechanical piston type wave maker and other end division.
The wave-making performance is period 0.6s~5.0s,and they are
20cm largest wave heigth,20m/s(U10 is 35m/s)maximum wind speed.
The three-dimensional wave tank is length 40m×width 25m×
depth 1.0m,and hydraulic servomechanical piston-type wave
maker(movable)of the 15m width,other end and have equippped
the edge with self-propelled observation car truck of the
25m width within the 20m length. The wave-making performance
is period 0.8s~8.0s,and it is the about 20cm largest wave
Research field : Environmental Measurement,Preservation of Environment,Hydraulics
User environment and conditions:
Joint Research,Contract Reseach
User procedures and method:
Usable measuring instrument are capacitive wave height meter,
electromagnetic flow meter,vanes type wind speedometer,sand
plane level meter,electromagnetic oscillograph,pen recorders
and digital recorders, ocean engineering laboratory.

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