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Goldsmith's-Kress Library of Economic Literature. Segment. II

ゴールドスミスクレス図書館所蔵社会科学文献集成第II部 マイクロフィルム
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Contact: 利用支援課 資料サービス係
Resource classification: Others
Research area  (2): Economic policy ,  Economic history
Based on a collection by an economist named
Harvard Foxwell Summerton (1849-1936), this is a
systematical collection of social science documents
from the fifteenth century to the twentieth century
collected in Gold Smith Library (University of
London) and Kress Library (Harvard University).
The range of the collection is very wide in time or
fields. The character of the collection is that it
includes lots of rare books. There are about 29,500
User procedures and method:
For details, inquire of the person in charge.

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