J-GLOBAL ID:201110073677841018   Research Resource code:1000000692 Update date:Nov. 25, 2002

NMR spectrometer (600,500,300 for solid,270 MHz),MS spectrometer,a chemical information system by computer assist,ESR spectrometer

核磁気共鳴(600、500、300(固体)、270MHz)、質量分析、(HRMS,ESI-TOF,MADI-TOF GCMS) コンピュータ支援分子構造解析・分子総合情報システム、電子スピン共鳴
Owning Organization:
Contact: KATAOKA Masanori
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (1): Organic chemistry
This center has big chemical instruments
including research laboratory, such as nuclear
magnetic resonance(NMR)spectrometer(800,600,500,
300 for solid, and 270MHz), high resolution
mass(MS) spectrometer(HRMS, ESI-TOF, MADI-TOF
GCMS), a chemical information system by computer
assist, and electron spin resonance(ESR)
spectrometer, etc.which are organized and
maintained for usage of research and education.
And also research and development for chemical
instrument analysis on basis of new concepts is
User procedures and method:
Charge for use: charged
User's qualification: joint researchers of the

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