J-GLOBAL ID:201110073892139367   Research Resource code:0000000516 Update date:Jan. 11, 2005

Research Report Service System "MEBIUS"

Owning Organization:
Resource classification: Bibliographic database (Bibliography, Abstract, Full text)
To research for study reports of national and public industrial
research institutes by a personal computer,in which the first
pages of the research reports will be displayed on the monitor.
User environment and conditions:
Environment to use the Internet such as personal computers,
Modem, telephone circuit, and browsers.
User procedures and method:
Application of use and acceptance
1. Person who want to use Research Report System
(hereinafter called System) of Kagoshima Industrial
Technology Center (hereinafter called Center) are
requested to fill necessary items in the form of
application and submit to the manager of Laboratory
(hereinafter Manager called). The Manager accept and
deliver the document of permission of use after
registering the name of the user who use the System.

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