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Grassland vegetation fact database

Contact: ITANO Shiro
Resource classification: Research resource, Research sample, Prototype, etc
Research area  (1): Livestock science/meadow studies
Since there is much rainfall and forest in Japan, vegetation
in a grassland is maintained by manual pressure (grazing,
mowing, firing, seeding, fertilizing, etc.). The land of the
country is so long in the north to south direction as to
cover the subpolar zone, the cool temperate zone, the warm
temperate zone, and the subtropical zone, accordingly the
grassland vegetation is diversified. To utilize such
diversified vegetation for agricultural production, it is
important to elucidate kinetics caused by the environmental
factors of the above-mentioned manual pressure, climate,
soil, etc. and their variation in major grassland vegetation
in each zone.
Aiming at elucidating the kinetics of biocoenosis in the
grassland ecosystem corresponding to zones in Japan in
"Research on kinetics in a grassland" and obtaining basic
materials for establishing permanent production and protection
of a grassland, the Institute has been continuing examinations
and research in cooperation with five local agriculture
research institutes since the establishment in 1972.
Valuable data are collected and successful results are
This database opens examination data of grassland vegetation
obtained in the first period (1972-1981) of "Research on
kinetics of grassland" widely to not only staff members in
charge of examination but also external persons interested
in grazing, native grassland, or herbaceous vegetation for
effective utilization.
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