J-GLOBAL ID:201110074462905437   Research Resource code:5000001944 Update date:Dec. 07, 2005

A Collection of Novel Prizes in Medicine and Physiology

Owning Organization:
Contact: Medical Information Group,Medical Information Charge.
Resource classification: Others
Research area  (1): General physiology
144 books: including works and other preprints related
directly to Novel Prizes in Medicine and Physiology,
and research works of other fields before receiving the
prizes, and essays written after receiving the prizes.
These are valuable documents which can be utilized
widely, for example, in the fields of medical history,
general medicine, research methods, etc.
Research field : Medicine, Physiology
User procedures and method:
Restriction on the use: You can view these documents
only inside the library. (It is desirable to contact us
in advance.)

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