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Software of Examination of Field of Citrus

Owning Organization:
Contact: OHASHI Hirokazu
Resource classification: Others
This software consists of a diagnosis program and
an information database for orchards.
It is intended for the area of Arida Gun and Arida
City, Wakayama Prefecture, and the information
of each mesh unit of 1 ha (100 m x 100 m) is
recorded in the database. By inputting the
drainage ability and the degree of the convenience
in orchards with interactive system looking at the
screen of the PC, the judgement of appropriate or
inappropriate place for cultivation, crop
varieties, variety selection, attentions for
management as well as the average sugar content
and possible harvest time are displayed.
However, fruit trees other than citrus fruits or
specific varieties are not intended for this
User environment and conditions:
(1) Hardware
NEC PC-9800 series (supports normal mode only)
(2) Peripheral devices
Two 2HD disk drives
High resolution display (640 x 400 dot), printer
(3) OS
MS-DOS version 2.0 Japanese, or higher
User procedures and method:
Anyone can use the software and guidebook in the
administration offices of each cities, towns, and
villages of Arida gun and Arida City or
Agricultural Cooperative.
Fee: free
Qualification for use: Nothing in particular
Restriction on use: No duplication permitted
Procedure: Search the mesh number for diagnosis
from the place indication map of the guidebook,
and input it.
Contact: Hirokazu Ohashi, Dept. of plant
Protection and soil Science in Fruit Tree
Experiment Station, Wakayama Research Center of
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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