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CCM(Computer Color Matching System for Windows)

CCM(コンピュータカラーマッチングシステム for Windows)
Owning Organization:
Contact: Textile Process Dept.
Resource classification: Software, Program
Computer Color Matching System for Windows
1. Basic data management (New registration, update,
storage, and printing)
2. Target color management (New registration, update,
storage, and printing)
3. Graphs of basic data and target color
(reflectivity vs. wavelength, K/S vs. wavelength)
4. CCM Calculation (Target color inputting/selection
and calculation of dyestuff amount (owf, owp)
5. CCM Correction Calculation (Basic correction,
Color prediction-based correction)
6. Racking-in from dyestuff (Racking-in from
dyestuff functions)
7. CCS (Color retrieval, Target color inputting/
8. Display of approximate color by simplified XYZRGB
9. Printing of calculation results
(including simplified editing)
User environment and conditions:
This software is for Windows(98,ME,SE,2000,XP) and is
easy to use with on-screen commands and lists, etc.
User procedures and method:
Contact: Apply for the use to the front office of
Textile Technology Center.
Application for use: Application for Use of Software and
The software is lent.
Based on the Kyoto Municipal by law, the instruction fee
should be paid.
Qualification for use:
Restriction for use:
Transfer to the third party,copy and modification of
the software are prohibited. No responsibility is taken
for the damage caused by the use of the software, etc.

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