J-GLOBAL ID:201110076381857830   Research Resource code:5000000399 Update date:Oct. 04, 2004

Environmental management system introduced into Shizuoka Swine and Poultry Experiment Station.

Owning Organization:
Contact: SEKI Tetsuo
Resource classification: Service, Program, System, etc
For the implementation and demonstration of sound
environmental conservation activities, the Environment
Management System (hereinafter referred to as EMS) was
established and operated in accordance with the Global
Environmental Management Standard ISO14001 at Shizuoka
Prefectural Swine and Poultry Experiment Station, and
certified and registered by the Third Party Organization.
With the environmental conservation activities by EMS,
staffs' consciousness for environment conservation was
improved, and the apprehension of the amount of waste
products and the effects on resource saving and energy
saving such as electricity saving etc.
were noticed.
The Institute aims at doing the step-up of the system by
reappraisals etc. and reducing the environmental load by
utilizing the know-how of EMS construction, and supports
the environmental conservation activities of farmers of
Shizuoka Prefecture.

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