J-GLOBAL ID:201110076527583176   Research Resource code:5000000156 Update date:Aug. 21, 2009

Data Record of Coastal Water Temperatures of Japan

Owning Organization:
Contact: Kazuo Kido
Resource classification: Data,Database
Research area  (1): Weather/oceanic physics/hydrology
Ten-day mean water temperatures observed at stations.
located on the Japnanese coast,are reported two years
after the observations.
The locations and addresses of the stations and the
observation methods are also described two years
after the observations.
From 2002,these date are opened to the public through
Japan Oceanographic Data Center.
Research field : 0001 沿岸海洋環境
User procedures and method:
This data book can be requested with use of mail, phone,
fax and E-mail.

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