J-GLOBAL ID:201110076633429852   Research Resource code:5000004394 Update date:Nov. 21, 2005

Primates Somatometry, X-Rays of Primatis Skeleton

Owning Organization:
Contact: HAMADA Yuzuru
Resource classification: Data,Database
Somatometry data, such as Body mass, Trunk length, limb
segment lengths, Head and Farial lengths, measured an
macaques (e.g. Japanese macaques) and apes (e.g.
chimpanzees), Standard X-ray photos at hands, Feet, and
Vertebral Column on Primater.
Research field : Biological Science, Primatology<br>
User environment and conditions:
○Windows系 エクセル - 生体計測データ
○直接観察(シャウカステン等 - X線写真)

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