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The trial product support system of image processor

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Contact: Muneaki Hagiwara
Resource classification: Prototype
Generally for the equipment development,it steps on a series
of stages such as "the basic specification preparation"
"trial manufacture and design development""evaluation"
"the mass-production and design development""mass-production".
In this inside, the trial manufacture phase is the important
stage which develops the experimental model for evaluating
performance and marketability of the equipment actually.
Especially however,many time and cost are needed, when it is
accompanied by the new hardware development of exclusive
image processors,etc.. This study resources also lowered
that the hurdle of such trial manufacture stage was left a
little, and it was developed in order to promote the development
project of the new equipment. By combining these,it is possible
to constitute the exclusive image processor which specialized
in the use application.
User environment and conditions:
The development environment in proportion to the module is

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