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Analysis, Test and Inspection Measurement System

Owning Organization:
Resource classification: Service, Program, System, etc
The companies in Kagoshima Prefecture
can request analysis,test and inspection
measurement of products of the Center.
User procedures and method:
1. Send in a request sheet with real
article to the head of the Center.
2. One subject requires one request sheet.
3. The head of the Center may specify
the quantity of real article if necessary.
Nothing in particular.
Conditions for Usage:
1. The real articles, materials and data
requested to analyze, test and inspect
are not returned expect for the following
(1) When a client writes the request to
return them in the sheet and the head
of the Center accepts it.
(2) When a client does not obey the prescribed
2. Pay the expenses needed to return them.
3. The Center does not pay compensation for
any loss or damage
of the articles, materials, or any other
losses that might
arise in the analysis or test processes.
Usage Procedure
1. A request sheet for analysis,test and
inspection measurement.

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