J-GLOBAL ID:201110077404535149   Research Resource code:5000000103 Update date:Jan. 11, 2005

Lowland rice, upland rice, melon, strawberry , lotus, eggplant, pear, chestnut, gladiolus, chrisanthemum, fungi, thrips

Owning Organization:
Contact: Director, MATSUI Takehiko
Resource classification: Research resource, Research sample, Prototype, etc
1. Cultivars and wild species of rice, vegetables,
ornamental plants and fruit trees for plant
2. DNA, enzymes, plant cells and bacteria for
isolation and introduction of genes.
3. Plant desease microorganism, endophytes,
insects, for the development of techniques of
biological control.
User environment and conditions:
Paddy field, field, green house, experimental room
User procedures and method:
1. Research resources; to be offered by the
permission from the institute after the
submission of an application form.
2. New varieties and techniques; After permission
by the institute and prefecture government,
they are provided to utilizer.

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