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Library of Cary

Contact: UEDA Hiroyasu
Resource classification: Valuable Book Collection
Research area  (3): Religion studies ,  Cultural anthropology/folklore studies ,  Others
This book collection was donated by Otis Cary,
Professor of Doshisha University, on March 11,
1974. His grandfather, Dr. Otis Cary, and his father,
Dr. Frank Cary had expanded this collection for a long
time. They had collected English documents mainly on
Japanology and on history of Christian mission written
by foreign authors. This collection includes various
valuable documents such as, Francis L.. Hawks,
"Narrative of the Exedition of an American Sequadron
to the China and Japan", vol.1-vol.3, which is attached
autograph letters from Trigo, Caron, Montanus, Crasset,
Kempfer, Charlevoix, Thunberg, Golovnin, Titsingh,
and Commodore Perry. This collection also includes 3
types of newspapers and magazines published in the 1st
year of the Meiji Era (1868); John Reddie Black, "The
Far East", Summers, "Phoenix", and "Chrysanthemum".
User environment and conditions:
This collection is available for inspection only at Imadegawa Campus Library, Doshisha University.

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