J-GLOBAL ID:201110080121090265   Research Resource code:5000002076 Update date:Jun. 02, 2003

Protain Polymorphism Database (dbProP)

Owning Organization:
Contact: SAITO Toshiyuki
Resource classification: DNA, Protein, etc
dbProP was developed to be a practical research tool. It
allows retrieval of data with a variety of criteria
including gene name, protein motif/domain, UniGene ID,
gene database registration number, position on
chromosome, absolute base range from a marker, and
source tissue. Moreover, physical relationship between
amino acid substitution and protein motif domain
displayed helps you examine how a polymorphism affect
protein functions. PCR primers for polymorphism
detection will be designed automatically on the
corresponding genome or mRNA sequences.
This database has been developed by the Prime
Minister’s Millenium Project and the Database
Development Program of Japan Science and Technology
Corporation (JST) in collaboration with National
Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS).

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