J-GLOBAL ID:201110080180895145   Research Resource code:5000000350 Update date:Nov. 22, 2004

Crossbreeding Test of "FUJIYORK","FUJIROC", with Middle Sire Line.

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Contact: CHIKYU Mikio
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We examined combinations to determine Landrace which is the
middle sire line of the three way cross, and decided "Shinshu L"
and "Fujizakura" to be the types to be commended. The result of
F1 (WL) males was the best with the average numbers of delivered
piglets being from 11.1 to 11.2, and those of piglets in
weaning period being from 10.2 to 10.4. The age of the
pork-producing pigs by three way cross breeding (WLD) to be
forwarded was 155 days for the castrated ones and 162 days
for females. The quality of their meat was good with high
percentage of fat in muscles.

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