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JDreamII (JST Document REtrieval system for Academic and Medical fields)

JDreamII (JST Document REtrieval system for Academic and Medical fields)
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Resource classification: Bibliographic database (Bibliography, Abstract, Full text)
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JDream II is the largest science and technology database in
Japan provided by JST.
JDream II contains approximately 47 million records (January 2008
present), and information entered into JDream II include the
JSTPlus file which covers articles from over 50 countries in
all the fields of science and technology including medicine.
A variety of search support functions such as the frequency analysis
function and dictionary function makes theJDream II database highly
efficient, resulting in its widespread use in such ways as the
investigation of research trends by universities and researchers,
photocopies of the originial documents, research into existing technologies
by corporations, and so on.
Furthermore, the JSTPatM file which allows for the simulataneous search
of both science and technology articles and Japanese patent
information has been put in service since 2007.

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