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Research Reports Research Institute of Industrial Products Technology, GIFU

岐阜県製品技術研究所 研究報告
Contact: OOHATA Tsutomu
Resource classification: Bibliographic database (Bibliography, Abstract, Full text)
Annual Report is issued once a year. The number of
copies made is 800. The copies are distributed without
charge by mail or hand to public research institutes in
each prefecture and national laboratories of Japan, and
organizations and small and medium-sized companies in
Gifu Prefecture.
User procedures and method:
In connection with publications, application of letters
or telephoning to the General Affairs Department is
required, and materials would be distributed after reviewing.
“Contact Person”
Technical Support Department Murata, Mino Brabch Takada,
Seki Branch Ishigure,
Food Proseccing High tech Center Kariya

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