J-GLOBAL ID:201110081523645340   Research Resource code:0000000306 Update date:Aug. 21, 2009

Data Record of Oceanographic Observations(No1.-No.10)

Owning Organization:
Contact: Akifumi Nakata
Resource classification: Global change (Meteorology, Space, Geology, Ocean,etc)
User procedures and method:
Although the bulletin is free circulation, the number of
copies is limited that few copies are left. No application
form is necessary. If the whole data set is required to be
used, the database of JODC (Japan Oceanographic Data Center)
may be more convenient. (No electronic media is available.)
Charge for use
Restriction for use
When the results of the bulletin are referred to, please
write clearly that the bulletin is referred to.
License for users
Contact address
Akifumi Nakata
Chief of Physical Oceanography Section, Oceanography
Division, Hokkaido Central Fisheries Experimental Station

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