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Genetic Resources of Microorganisms

Owning Organization:
Contact: KASAI Fumie
Resource classification: Bio resource (DNA, Cell culture, Protein, Bacteria, Virus, etc)
In Microbial Culture Collection at NIES, about 1000 microalgal
and 2 protozoan strains are preserved. "NIES-Collection List of
Strains, 6th Edition 2000 Microalgae and Protozoa" was published
in March, 2000, which includes 126 strains of cyanobacteria, 4
strains of Glaucophyceae, 4 strains of Rhodophyceae, 36 strains
of Cryptophyceae, 6 strains of Chrysophyceae, 37 strains of
Raphidophyceae, 44 strains of Bacillariophyceae, 1 strain of
Phaeophyceae, 2 strains of Xanthophyceae, 8 strains of Haptophyceae,
61 strains of Dinophyceae, 7 strains of Euglenophyceae,
1 strain of Chlorarachniphyceae, 18 strains of Prasinophyceae,
233 strains of Chlorophyceae, 10 strains of Trebouxiophyceae,
158 strains of Charophyceae, 3 strains of Ulvophyceae, and 4
strains affinity unknown.
These strains are mainly related to environmental issues and
also contain vast phylogenetic groups. An application for species
should be made directly to Microbial Culture Collection, National
Institute for Environmental Studies, Independent Administrative
User environment and conditions:
Techniques and apparatus for handling with microorganisms are needed.
User procedures and method:
Order of Strains: Send "Strain Order Form" to Microbial
Culture Collection
Cost of Strains(per strain):
Yen6,000 for non-commercial organizations,
Yen10,000 for commercial organizations,
plus sales tax and postal fee.
Deposition : Submit "Strain Deposit Request Form" to
Microbial Culture Collection at NIES.

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