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Historical Documents/MINGU(Traditional implements and artifacts)

Owning Organization:
Contact: KATSUKI Yoichiro
Resource classification: Historical Documentation
Research area  (3): History of Japan ,  Cultural anthropology/folklore studies ,  Economic history
The Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture
is a pioneering center for the research of Japanese
Minzokugaku(folklore)and Mingu(traditional implements
and artifacts). Since it's beginning in 1925 as
SHIBUSAWA KEIZOU'S"Attic Museum", the institute's
activities have covered such diverse fields as the
collection and classification of traditional
Japanese farming and fishing implements, historical
reconstruction of pre-modern agricultural societies,
and many others. Now, as part of Kanagawa University
since 1981, the Institute continues to develop asa
nexus for the interdisciplinary study of history
and folk culture.
User procedures and method:
Prior application to the person in charge is required

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