J-GLOBAL ID:201110083878124220   Research Resource code:0000000341 Update date:Jan. 11, 2004

Decomposition and Production System of Woven Fabric Organization

Owning Organization:
Contact: HAYASHI Yoshiteru
Resource classification: Others
The Center aims at efficiency and speediness of
weaves of woven fabrics for single dobby cloth.
The major functions are analysis of samples,
making up and correction of weaves of woven
fabric, output of weaves into screen, output of
weaves into color printer, and registration of
User procedures and method:
Knitted Fabric Research Group, Chemistry and
Fiber Division, Industrial Technology Center
of Fukui Prefecture
TEL: +81-776-55-0664
Fill out and submit Technical Guidance Application
Form Procedure for use Contact the Center in advance
(Bring in floppy disks, if you would like to copy)
Contact address
Yoshiteru Hayashi, Knitted Fabric Research Group,
Chemistry and Fiber Division

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