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Science Links Japan

Science Links Japan
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Contact: MORIMOTO Shigeo
Resource classification: Other
Research area  (1): Others
Science Links Japan was launched in June 2006 by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST),
a core organization for implementing Japan's science and technology policy in line with
the objectives of the Science and Technology Basic Plan.
Science Links Japan is a topically arranged directory of online information resources
as databases, online journals, and etc. for science and technology in Japan.
Japan's scientific and technical information (STI) scattered across or isolated on
the Internet have been collected and categorized under major topics.
The Website aims to provide ease of access to Japan's STI for non-Japanese researchers,
policy makers and many others who need Japan's STI.
Most of the contents come from information generated/compiled in the public sector,
such as the government, universities, R&D institutes and STI institutes.
Even if URL resources are available only in Japanese, Science Links Japan collects them
from the viewpoint of importance and translates them into English, Chinese, and French
to provide.
User procedures and method:
Charge for Use: Free
Qualification of User: None
Restriction on Use: None

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