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Aerial photo perusal service

Owning Organization:
Contact: 地図成果係
Resource classification: Others
Research area  (4): Science education ,  Geography ,  Traffic engineering, land planning ,  Agronomy
In the Geographical Survey Institute, the aerial
photo is mainly used for topographical map creation,
the decipherment analysis of geographical feature
and land use, etc. An aerial photo means the
photograph which photed earth surface with the
aviation camera from the airplane under flight etc.
Aerial photo image data is processed as an object
for aerial photo perusal service currently offered
by the internet.
Research field : 空中写真
User procedures and method:
Reproducing, offering or using an aerial photo for
profit, what is comes to hand and the procedure of
recognition based on the surveying method is needed.
Please consult with below about data contents.
Geographical Survey Institute Administrative division
administrative division Examination Sec.
TEL +81-29-864-1111(EXT 2153)

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