J-GLOBAL ID:201110085581637493   Research Resource code:5000002641 Update date:Nov. 19, 2003

9 Species of Paramecium

Contact: WATANABE Tsuyoshi
Resource classification: Bio resource (DNA, Cell culture, Protein, Bacteria, Virus, etc)
200 strains of 9 species of Paramecium (P. candatum,
P. aurelia complex, P.multimicronucleatum, P. bursaria,
P. trichium, P. duboscqui, P. polycaryum, P.jenningsi,
P. calkinsi are keeping.
User environment and conditions:
Techniques and apparatus for culturing Paramecium are needed.
User procedures and method:
Contact us directly.
(Charge for use) Free
(Qualification of user) None

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