J-GLOBAL ID:201110085836841448   Research Resource code:1000002058 Update date:Mar. 09, 2007

Open-type Lab

Owning Organization:
Contact: YAMAMOTO Kunihiro
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (1): Others
Rental laboratory facilities for companies, etc. for research
and development of new products and technologies
User environment and conditions:
Rooms (2 types) 46.8m2/23.4m2 Terms of Occupuncy 3 years
User procedures and method:
Occupancy Occupancy is open to any tenant within the fundamental
technology industry category as defined under the Law on
Temporary Measure of Activation of Specific Regional Industrial
Agglomerations (Law on Regional Industry Activation) and is
either : 1. a start-up businesses, 2. a business younger than
5 years-old, 3. or a new project within an established company.

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