J-GLOBAL ID:201110086088030551   Research Resource code:1000000409 Update date:Jan. 18, 2010


Owning Organization:
Contact: 平井 秀一郎
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (3): Fluidics ,  Thermal engineering ,  Energy studies
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging Instrument
Major applications: Concentration of contained atoms and
difference in chemical bonding in samples are investigated
and displayed as 3D images.
Strength of magnetic field: 7.05T (Hydrogen atom resonance
frequency: 300 MHz)
Nuclide: 1H, 31F
Sample sizes: With the large diameter MRI detector: 60mmD
x 60mmH
With the small diameter MRI detector: 25mmD
x 25mmH
Resolution: With the large diameter MRI detector: 100μm
With the small diameter MRI detector: 10μm
User environment and conditions:
No disturbance on our research activities.
User procedures and method:
Contact our staff in 'Steering Committee for MRI and SEM
Image Measurement Systems" for details.
Fee: Observe the fee designated by the above-mentioned
Qualification: Joint research member with an instructor
of the University
Limitations on use: Follow ruled determined by the
above-mentioned Committee.

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