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Collection of linked verses as haikai(haiku)books.

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This collection is a maicrofiche of Shachiku Library,
Chikurei Library, and Chiju Library which are kept in
General Library, Tokyo University. Shachiku Library was
collected by Haiku Poet Shachiku Ono (1872-1913) who
poured his effort into the historical study of Haiku.
This Library included 4000 books at the time of the
donation to Tokyo University, but lost 1000 due to
Great Kanto Earthquake. Therefore, 2612 of the
remaining 3000 books are contained in this maicrofiche.
Five hundred and fifty books of 1450 Chikurei Library,
which were collected by a politician and Haiku Poet
Chikurei Tsunoda (1856-1919), and 235 of 450 Chiju
Library mainly about Edoza, which was collected by
Haiku Poet Chiju Okano (1860-1932), are contained in
this microfiche.
Major books are as follows:
Moritake Senku by Moritake Arakida (1540), Tensui Sho
by Soyo Tani (1561), Tokugen Senku by Tokugen Saito
(1628), and Inuko Shu by Jurai Matsue (1633)
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