J-GLOBAL ID:201110090889667575   Research Resource code:5000002714 Update date:Dec. 10, 2003

Robotic ultrasonic scanning NDE system

Owning Organization:
Contact: ISHIKAWA Takashi
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Main purpose: Detection of flaws or delaminations
of large or medium size composite structure.
Performance and composition:
Effective detection area: 4000mm x 2000mm x 1000mm
Flaw detector: Multichannel detector; WIND
(maximum 6ch)
High frequency flaw detector; HIS-2 (80MHz highest)
Flaw detection: pulse-echo method with local wter
couplant, pulse-echo method in sub-merged condition,
transmission method, equipped with a
distance-amplitude compensation device.
Position precision: not higher than 0.1mm
Detection precision: detectable a flaw of 3 x 3mm
in a board up to thickness of 20mm at an S/N
ratio of 10dB.
Detectable for 200mm thickness graphite block.
Maker: Kraut Kraemer Japan Co., Ltd.
Completion: fiscal 1989, Modified: fiscal 2001
User procedures and method:
'Procedure for Use'
Refer in detail to Program Support Division.
'Charge for Use'
According to the calculation standard of
research expenses appointed by the JAXA
'Restriction for use'
Limited within the aerospace field

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