J-GLOBAL ID:201110091824966628   Research Resource code:1000001815 Update date:Dec. 01, 2005

Apparatus for Analyzing Behaviors of Chemical Reaction or Physical Phenomenon at Heterogeneous Phase

Owning Organization:
Contact: TSUKAGOSHI Kazuhiko
Resource classification: Research resource, Research sample, Prototype, etc
Research area  (5): Synthetic chemistry ,  Polymer chemistry ,  Reaction engineering/process system ,  Catalyst/resource chemical process ,  Bio-function/bioprocesses
Apparatus for analyzing behaviors of heterogeneous
reaction, behaviors of molecule at heterogeneous
site, and mass transfer phenomenon between
heterogeneous phases
User procedures and method:
Submit the form of admission to the commitee.
Users are the faculty and the graduate students in
the faculty of engineering, and the persons who are
admitted to use it by the commitee.

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